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About us

O.J. Peace Integrated Services Limited

The name of the company is O.J. peace integrated services limited. The registered office of the company is situated in Nigeria.  The object of which the company is established are to carry on the business of general goods be they manufacture or not.

1. To carry on business as dealers distributors and sales of automobile and spare part of all kinds of vehicles and machinery.

2. To carry on the business of general contractors, general merchant, general suppliers, trading marketing sales and distribution of general goods be they manufactured or not to act as commission agent, manufacturers’ representatives, importers, exporters, to buy sell manufacture and deal in all article, substance, product, system and appliance that will enable it realize its set objectives or that is commonly or and usually bought, sold, manufactured or dealt in by persons carrying on any of the business having objectives similar to that of the company.

3. To carry on the business of supply and marketing of oil and gas crude oil pure petroleum, industrial chemical and agricultural oil production, petrochemical, natural gas plant crude oil refiner, organic fertilizer chemical plant project, mechanical automobile and industrial operations lubricating on units and oil supply base services and to operate filling stations.

4. To carry on the business of sales of telecommunication equipment telephone communication apparatus and instrument, processing transmission storage logging reception and retrieval of data in form of encoded data text audio, graphics image of a combination of the format.

5. To carry on the business of information technology services telecommunication and computer services, satellite installation services, email and website service, and supply of information and communication accessories and consumable of all kinds of description.

6. To carry on business as manufacturers’ supplier’s importers and dealer in al kind of building materials and building requisite of manufacture, supply and deal in building blocks brick and cement.

7. To carry on the business of construction to provide constructive service of every description including the planning design, erection, Improvement repair alteration maintenance and demolition of construction work of all kinds.

8. To carry on the business of all transportation excluding air and sea transport.

9. To carry on business as producers, manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers on caterpillar parts heaving duty and light duty engine, oil machinery, and tools and all kind of chemical and petroleum product and to do the same in respect of gas products including but not limited to industrial domestic and cooking gas.

10. To carry on business as petroleum perspective producers; refiners and dealers and to harness, procure render marketable supply and deal in all forms of petroleum products construct and operate petroleum products distribution station refines chemical plants etc.